Herat Security Dialogue

Herat Security Dialogue

Herat Security Dialogue

#GS-02 International Relations

For prelims:

Herat Security Dialogue:

  • The 10th Herat security dialogue with the title “Inclusive Political System, Patterns and Roadmaps” started on 27th November 2022, at Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan.
  • Since 2012, this meeting has been held every year by the Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS) in Herat.
  • This will be the first time the Herat Security Dialogue has taken place outside of Afghanistan.
  • It is expected that 120 representatives from regional and international bodies, including Afghanistan, will attend the conference.
  • Herat Security Dialogue is considered as one of the most important conferences about the security of Afghanistan and the region.
  • According to The Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS), the two-day conference will discuss ways to establish an inclusive government in Afghanistan.

For Mains


  • The security dialogues in Herat are criticised as a meeting of high-level experts from the region and Afghanistan, who mostly involve theoretical plans.
  • It doesn’t have a practical aspect as it is mostly about getting privileges from the international community.

Concerns raised:

  • During the two-day meeting’s opening statements, speakers from the host country expressed alarm over the growth of terrorist organizations particularly ISIS and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.
  • Another major concern is that drug production and trafficking have also increased significantly over the past year in Afghanistan.
  • Some have also raised the issue of Taliban’s growing restrictions on women and girls, including the latest decrees banning women from exercising at gyms and parks.

Source “Give anti-Taliban forces space to unify, say former Afghan leaders