Himalayan Griffon Vulture

Himalayan Griffon Vulture

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Himalayan Griffon Vulture

  • The Himalayan griffon vulture is an Old World vulture (Accipitridae) native to the Himalayas and the adjoining Tibetan Plateau.
  • Himalayan Griffon Vulture is not the same as Eurasian griffon vulture (Gyps fulvus), which is a similar species.
  • It mostly lives in the higher reaches of the Himalayas and the Tibetan Plateau at an elevation of above 1500 metres.
  • They are found in western and central China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan, India, Nepal and Bhutan, and Mongolia.
  • Even though they are also susceptible to diclofenac poisoning, Himalayan griffon vulture populations have not shown signs of rapid

Scientific Name: Gyps himalayensis

IUCN Status: Near Threatened

Genus: Gyps

Wildlife Protection Act 1972: Schedule IV

Old World Vultures:

  • Old World vultures are found in the Old World, i.e. the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa.
  • They belong to the family Accipitridae, which includes eagles, buzzards, kites, and hawks along with vultures.
  • Old World Vultures specifically belong to the sub family Aegypiinae of Accipitridae.

Vultures in India:

  • India is home to 9 species of Vulture which are,
  • The Oriental white-backed, Long-billed, Slender-billed, Himalayan, Red-headed, Egyptian, Bearded, Cinereous and the Eurasian Griffon.
  • Bearded Vulture, Long-billed Vulture, Slender-billed Vulture, Oriental white-backed Vulture are protected under the Schedule-1 of the Wildlife Protection Act 1972.

Source “Rare Himalayan griffon vulture rescued in Kanpur