How many hours of study is required for UPSC?

  • UPSC Civil Service Examination is one of the most competitive examinations in the country. The syllabus covers subjects from India’s Ancient History to Most Modern technological developments.
  • However, this does not mean that you require 12 or 13 hours of study per day. Like any examination, the time you need to spend on your preparation depends on the quality of studies rather than the time.
  • One must always remember that rather than spending hours on reading unnecessary information, it is much better to have a focused study schedule in order to ensure maximum intake of information with minimum number of hours.
  • There are multiple examples of people who have achieved top ranks while holding a full-time job.
  • On average, UPSC preparation requires 6 to 8 hours of effective study per day. However, one can bring this number down through practice.
  • What we at Believer IAS Academy focus on improving your efficiency so that the time you spend on your preparation is gives you the best bang for buck. Each student is given an unique study plan which suits their capabilities so that ultimately they can give their best when appearing for UPSC Examination.


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