How to Ace Prelims 2024: Insights from Mr Girish Kalagond, IRTS Officer

How to Ace Prelims 2024: Insights from Mr Girish Kalagond, IRTS Officer

Clearing the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination is a challenging but rewarding path. A valuable opportunity awaits candidates preparing for Prelims 2024 or even later in the shape of a guidance session by Mr Girish Kalagond, a distinguished IRTS Officer who earned the 307th position in the UPSC CSE 2018. This workshop, scheduled for December 14, 2023, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., promises to reveal the keys to success and provide a road map for navigating the complex UPSC terrain.

About Girish Kalagond 

Mr Girish Kalagond, who hails from the small village of Nagathan in the taluk, has emerged as a source of inspiration for his family and community. His path to achievement began in a government school in Nagathan, where he established the groundwork for his future academic endeavours. Mr Kalagond worked in a private enterprise in Bengaluru after finishing his B.E. to pursue his passion for public service.

Since his high school days, he had wished to wear the renowned headgear of an IAS official. Undaunted by early disappointments, he pursued the UPSC examination with zeal, eventually earning the 307th position in his fourth attempt at the UPSC CSE 2018. 

With his high ranking, Mr Kalagond could work for the Indian Revenue Services or the Department of Customs. He expressed the necessity to communicate with others before making a choice, demonstrating his deliberate approach. His tale is one of resilience, hard work, and a strategic attitude, as well as one of success.

What awaits you in the session?

The upcoming session with Mr Girish Kalagond promises to be an eye-opening event for UPSC aspirants, with an in-depth agenda covering major areas of the examination. Here’s a preview of what the session will include:

  • Mr. Kalagond will clarify widespread myths about the UPSC examination based on his personal experience. Aspirants must understand the truth behind these deceptions to approach their preparation with clarity and focus.
  • The UPSC journey necessitates a solid foundation. Mr. Kalagond will give insights on laying this foundation, as well as pointers on where and how to begin with the preparation phase. This section is very useful for newcomers who may find the extensive syllabus intimidating.
  • Current affairs are quite important in the UPSC examination. The workshop will discuss the importance of newspapers and in keeping up with national and worldwide events, as well as how to successfully incorporate this knowledge into the preparation approach.
  • Choosing an optional course might have a substantial impact on exam performance. Mr. Kalagond from his experiences will discuss how to make an informed decision by taking into account elements including personal interest, scoring potential, and alignment with the overall strategy.
  • The UPSC journey begins with the Preliminary Examination. Mr. Kalagond will offer vital insights into conquering this stage, as well as ideas and tactics for scoring above 120 points. This section is especially useful for individuals attempting to pass the first hurdle of the examination.

Question and Answer Session

Following the well-informed Workshop, the session will be opened up for questions and answers. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for aspirants to speak with Mr. Kalagond directly and seek specialized counsel and clarity on specific concerns or doubts.


UPSC Prelims 2024 aspirants should mark their calendars for the session with Mr Girish Kalagond. His success story and wealth of ideas make this a wonderful opportunity for candidates to polish their approach, clear concerns, and get a competitive advantage in their UPSC journey. Success in UPSC demands more than just information; it also takes a deliberate and disciplined approach, and Mr Kalagond’s advice promises to be a compass for navigating the difficult path to success in the Preliminary test and beyond.


Mark your calendars for December 14th, 2023, and join us for this transformative session