IBSA meet seeks to amplify the Global South’s voice

IBSA meet seeks to amplify the Global South’s voice


As part of the IBSA group, visiting Indian minister for external affairs S. Jaishankar met with South African and Brazilian colleagues to further advance South-South cooperation.

What is the IBSA Dialogue Forum?

  • A trilateral conference called the India-Brazil-South Africa Dialogue Conference (IBSA) was founded in 2003. The forum’s objective is to advance South-South cooperation and foster global understanding. 
  •  Three sizable, multiethnic democracies from the developing world are represented at the forum. The nations are South Africa, Brazil, and India. 
  • The activities of the forum include: 
  • Political coherence
  • Industry collaboration
  • Collaboration with third-world nations
  • Projects involving development cooperation in less developed nations
  • The UNOSSC, or Office for South-South Cooperation, oversees the IBSA Fund. One of the forum’s major accomplishments is the creation of the IBSA Facility Fund for the Alleviation of Poverty and Hunger. 
  • For the benefit of their population and those from other developing countries, the forum is dedicated to inclusive sustainable development. 

What were the agendas discussed in the recent IBSA Dialogue Forum?

  • Increasing South-South collaboration: The IBSA group, made up of South Africa, Brazil, and India, discussed measures to increase South-South collaboration, placing a strong emphasis on solidarity among countries in the Global South.
  • Participation in UNGA: The foreign ministers of these nations gathered in New York for the 78th General Assembly of the United Nations (UNGA). To address the UNGA’s session, Minister S. Jaishankar was present.
  • Individual IBSA Meeting: A separate gathering of foreign ministers will take place in the first quarter of 2024, according to the joint communique released during the summit. The objectives of this gathering are anticipated to be furthering and safeguarding the interests of the Global South, 
  • Standalone IBSA Meeting: In the joint statement issued following the conference, it was revealed that a separate gathering of foreign ministers will take place in the first quarter of 2024. It is anticipated that the main goals of this gathering will be to advance and defend the interests of the Global South, notably through supporting autonomous foreign policy and conflict resolution.
  • Principles of the UN Charter: The Ministers reiterated their adherence to the principles of the UN Charter, which include equal sovereignty, refraining from meddling in the domestic affairs of other nations, promoting greater democracy, and the rule of law in international interactions.

What were the decisions taken regarding anti-terror operations?

  • Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law: The group reiterated its dedication to respecting human rights, international humanitarian law, and territorial integrity. These ideas are crucial for fostering peace and stability.
  • IBSA pledged to advocate for the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism’s adoption at the UN. They advocated for immediate reform of the UNSC sanctions committees to boost efficacy and prevent politicization and double standards while affirming the UN Security Council’s exclusive right to impose sanctions.


These discussions demonstrate the IBSA nations’ dedication to working together to advance the interests of the Global South on several international topics, such as UN reform, counterterrorism, international law, and sustainable development. To improve international collaboration and partnerships, the Ministers also met bilaterally with other nations.