Importance of NCERT's for UPSC CSE

Importance of NCERT’s for UPSC CSE


  • National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) books are usually considered a must when preparing for UPSC. This is because UPSC aspirants come from a diverse background and have different specialisations. Hence it is a must to have a common platform to ensure that everyone starts from a level playing field.
  • While it is true that NCERT books are considered by most aspirants to contain essential information for clearing UPSC, it is also true that people have cracked the exam without going through NCERTs.
  • The study material provided by Believers IAS Academy contains compilations of relevant sections of NCERTs as well and hence reduce the need to cover entirety of NCERTs.
  • However, it is still preferable to go through NCERT text books since in the last few years, there have been questions directly being asked from NCERTs in the preliminary stage of examination.
  • Going through NCERTs will also give a person better understanding than reading standard books such as Laxmikanth for Polity or Spectrum for Modern History, since, NCERTs are designed to make a school going student understand.
  • However, if one is familiar with the basics of the subject and have gone through the standard books multiple times then NCERTs may not have much to offer in terms of content.