IMSc to pay homage to founder Alladi Ramakrishnan

IMSc to pay homage to founder Alladi Ramakrishnan


In honour of Alladi Ramakrishnan’s 100th birthday, the Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc) will hold a conference on its Taramani, Chennai, campus. Ramakrishnan was IMSc’s visionary founder and director. On August 9, 1923, the distinguished physicist was born.

Childhood and Education:

  • He was born on August 9, 1923, in Madras (now Chennai), India.
  • His father, Sir Alladi Krishnaswami Iyer, was a well-known attorney who was instrumental in creating the Indian Constitution.
  • was educated in his early years at P. S. High School in Madras.
  • completed a physics B.Sc. (Hons) at Presidency College in Madras.
  • became fascinated with theoretical physics during his time in college, especially special relativity.

Scientific Journey :

  • His scientific career was launched at the Tata Institute for Fundamental Research (TIFR) under the tutelage of Homi Bhabha.
  • worked with Bhabha on issues including the Cascade Theory and the Cosmic Radiation Fluctuation Problem.
  • Got an opportunity to work with M. S. Bartlett at the University of Manchester in England.
  • During his tenure at Manchester, he concentrated on the difficult issue of Fluctuating Density Field.
  • In the 1950s, a series of eight key publications on the subject were published.
  • spent 1957 and 1958 at Princeton’s Institute for Advanced Study, which gave him the idea to build a comparable college in India.

Contributions to Physics:

  • Known for his work in quantum mechanics, where he offered a guideline for switching from Pauli matrices to Dirac matrices, contributions to physics include this.
  • Several publications that provided geometric derivations for the Lorentz transformations were published.
  • showed a thorough mastery of numerous difficult physics concepts.

Creation of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences (Matscience):

  • Ramakrishnan started a theoretical physics seminar in his family home, Ekamra Nivas, after he returned to India, leading to the founding of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences (Matscience).
  • Niels Bohr, a Nobel laureate, visited India in 1960, and Ramakrishnan was deeply affected by his visit.
  • The concept of founding an institute for cutting-edge research was inspired by Bohr’s visit and his interactions with the attendees of Ramakrishnan’s seminar.
  • The Institute of Mathematical Sciences (Matscience) was established by Ramakrishnan in 1962 with assistance from Jawaharlal Nehru, C. Subramaniam, and Niels Bohr.
  • The institute aims to offer a setting for in-depth study and learning in several scientific fields.


  • Under Ramakrishnan’s direction, Matscience developed into a centre for developing scientific talent in India.
  • Ramakrishnan promoted international cooperation and contacts through his mentorship and teaching methods.
  • He planned talks by renowned researchers from all around the world, enhancing the educational setting at Matscience.
  • His admiration of Carnatic music revealed his conviction in the connection between art and science.
  • At the University of Florida, his son Krishnaswami Alladi pursued a career in mathematics by following in his father’s footsteps.
  • On June 7, 2008, Ramakrishnan passed away at his son’s house in Gainesville, Florida, leaving behind a significant legacy for the scientific field.


The path taken by Alladi Ramakrishnan from his early education to his groundbreaking work in physics and the founding of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences demonstrates his commitment to expanding scientific understanding and encouraging research in India.