India – Australia Relations

India – Australia Relations

India – Australia Relations


  • India and Australia are gearing up for a bilateral summit which is widely anticipated across the world.
  • Noted personalities from both the countries are up for the fifth round of the most important bilateral Track 1.5 dialogue


  • The Indo-Australia relations which was bitter in the 1950’s have gradually been deepened with growing ties between the two countries.
  • It is widely recognized that Canberra’s relationship with New Delhi is among the most important and critical for the future of the Indo-Pacific.
  • It is observed that for the most period of 20th century India and Australia rarely had a meaningful conversation.

What made the two countries to stay away from each other?

  1. The Cold War Era
  2. India’s Closed Economy
  3. the White Australia policy
  4. Australia’s restriction of not exporting Uranium to India. Etc.

Improvement in the bilateral ties:

  • Both the countries being two English-speaking, multicultural, federal democracies which respect the rule of law, have common interests in the Indo-Pacific.
  • This common interest is nothing but ensuring balance of power in the Indo-Pacific region.
  • This is mainly because of the assertiveness of China in the region, so these two countries have a responsibility of ensuring that any one country does not have hegemony in the region.
  • Apart from this Indians are today the largest source of skilled migrants in Australia who are very significant for the Australian economy.
  • And if the Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (ECTA) is realized, the economic ties will reach its peak.

Way Forward:

  • This Track 1.5 dialogue if happened would be the dialogue which would be happening between the two countries since 2019 due to the pandemic.
  • So, both the countries must consider this Track 1.5 dialogue as an opportunity to further enhance the ties between the two countries.
  • The two democracies must enhance their ties with shared framework for regional security, promoting business and commercial opportunities and strengthening our people-to-people links.



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