India-Australia Ties Built On Trust: Modi

India-Australia Ties Built On Trust: Modi


The cornerstone of India-Australia relations, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Australian counterpart Anthony Albanese, is mutual trust and respect. They made this statement while speaking to the Indian diaspora at a major event in this city on Tuesday.

India-Australia Relationship

  • Strategic alliance: India and Australia have a strategic alliance based on shared interests in regional and international security as well as democratic ideals and a commitment to the rule of law.
  • Diplomatic Relations: In 1945, India and Australia began to maintain diplomatic ties. Both nations have permanent diplomatic missions in each other’s capitals and frequently conduct high-level exchanges and visits.
  • Bilateral Trade: In recent years, the bilateral trade between India and Australia has significantly increased. Minerals, agricultural products, education, and information technology are just a few examples of the items and services that are traded in this connection.
  • Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA): India and Australia are in talks to negotiate a Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA), to enhance trade and investment flows between the two nations and remove trade barriers.
  • Defence and Security Cooperation: India and Australia cooperate in these areas through several channels, such as intelligence sharing, strategic discussions, and bilateral exercises. Cooperation in the fields of maritime security, counterterrorism, and defence technology is of mutual interest.
  • Collaboration in education and research: India and Australia have close relations in the field of higher learning, with Indian students making up one of the largest student populations in Australian universities. Additionally, the two nations work together on projects related to innovation and research.
  • People-to-People Contacts: The Indian diaspora in Australia, tourism, and cultural exchanges all help to foster contact between the two nations. These exchanges enhance mutual understanding and strengthen relationships between the two societies.
  • Multilateral Engagement: India and Australia collaborate in several international settings, such as the United Nations, the G20, the East Asia Summit, and the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA). On important world concerns like terrorism, climate change, and maritime security, they frequently have similar viewpoints.
  • Strategic Quadrilateral Dialogue (Quad): India, Australia, the US, and Japan are all participants in the strategic quadrilateral dialogue (Quad). The Indo-Pacific region’s freedom and openness are encouraged by the Quad, which also seeks to address common problems.
  • Cultural Exchanges: Australia and India both have exchange programmes that make it possible to share works of art, literature, music, and dance while also fostering greater knowledge of each other’s cultures.

Points to Ponder:

  • At a major event in Australia, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese spoke to the Indian diaspora.
  • An Australian neighborhood called Harris Park was renamed “Little India” to honour the close ties between Australia and India.
  • In response to a long-standing request from the Indian diaspora, Prime Minister Modi declared that India would establish a consulate in Brisbane.
  • The core of India-Australian relations, according to Prime Minister Modi, is mutual trust and respect.
  • India is a “force of global good” and a “bright spot” in the global economy, according to Prime Minister Albanese.
  • India is ready to help in times of tragedy, according to Prime Minister Modi.
  • Through “Operation Dost,” India offered assistance to Turkey during the earthquake.
  • According to Prime Minister Modi, India and Australia’s strategic cooperation is constantly deepening.
  • The Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement was struck between the two nations last year.
  • In the coming five years, Prime Minister Modi expressed optimism that bilateral commerce between the two countries will more than treble.
  • Construction efforts are being made to create dependable and durable supply networks, which will help both parties’ businesses grow.
  • The Indian Ocean connects India and Australia despite their geographical separation, according to Prime Minister Modi.
  • He emphasised several facets of ties, like yoga and cricket, that have kept the two nations linked for millennia.
  • Prime Minister Modi said that Australia and India have made progress in mutually recognising degrees, which is advantageous for students from both nations.