India gains seven points to 80 on the passport index

India gains seven points to 80 on the passport index

India gains seven points to 80 on the passport index


India moved up seven spots in the Henley Passport Index in 2023, moving from 87th to 80th place, while the number of nations that provide Indian passport holders visa-free travel remains the same.

What is Henley Passport Index and How are the ranks calculated?

  • The Henley Passport Index: The Henley Passport Index is a global index that assesses passports’ strength and influence based on the number of foreign countries to which its owners have visa-free access.
  • 199 Different Passports: The index contrasts 199 various passports from international jurisdictions. The visa specifications for each passport’s bearer when going internationally are taken into consideration.
  • 227 Travel Destinations: The analysis considers 227 distinct travel locations around the world. These places to go include nations and territories where passport holders might want to go on vacation, on business, or for other reasons.
  • Scoring System: The index employs a scoring algorithm to determine which passports have the necessary visas. The ratings are binary; a 1 is given if no visa is required or if visa-free access is made possible via a visitor’s permission, a visa on arrival, or an electronic travel authorization (ETA). If a visa is necessary, including situations where an e-Visa is required before departure, several 0 are provided.
  • Access without a visa (Value = 1): Passport holders who can enter a nation without needing a visa are given a score of 1 for that nation. This includes scenarios in which a passport bearer can enter a nation for a set amount of time without a visa or acquire one on arrival.
  • Visa on Arrival (Value = 1): If a passport holder can get a visa when travelling to a particular country, that nation receives a score of 1. Visa on arrival refers to the ability of visitors to obtain visas at the port of entry after arriving in the nation.
  • Visitor’s Permit or ETA (Value = 1): A passport holder gets a score of 1 for a country if they can get an electronic travel authorization (ETA) or visitor’s permit before going there. These authorizations, sometimes known as electronic travel authorizations, or ETAs, enable their holders to visit the destination for a brief period without getting a conventional visa.
  • Visa-Required (Value = 0): If a passport bearer must first obtain a visa or an electronic visa (e-Visa) before travelling to a particular country, that country receives a score of 0. This includes situations where visitors are required to submit a visa application in advance through an embassy or consulate.
  • Total Score: The number of countries for which no visa is necessary is added up to determine each passport’s overall score (value = 1). The passport is more powerful the higher the score, as it allows the possessor access to more places without the need for visa-related formalities.
  • Assessing Passport Power: The Henley Passport Index is a useful tool for evaluating the relative strength and freedom of various passports in terms of international travel. It gives people and governments information about passport privileges and global travel.

What was India’s Rank?

  • India improved in the 2023 edition of the index, moving up seven positions to the 80th position from the 87th position the year before.
  • The number of nations granting Indian passport holders visa-free entry has remained constant, notwithstanding the better position.
  • India was ranked 76th on the index in 2014, and 52 countries don’t require visas for holders of Indian passports to enter. India’s score on the index, however, has fluctuated over time.

What are other country’s Rankings?

  • After dominating the Henley Passport Index for five years, Japan has slipped to third place in 2023.
  • The strongest passport in the world is Singapore, which has taken the top spot on the 2023 Henley Passport Index. Out of a total of 227 travel destinations, 192 can be visited without a visa by the inhabitants of Singapore.
  • Germany, Italy, and Spain are in second position on the index.
  • Along with nations like Austria, Finland, France, Luxembourg, South Korea, and Sweden, Japan is tied for third place.
  • The United Kingdom has improved its standing on the index by moving up two spots to take up the fourth spot.

The Henley Passport Index offers useful insights on international travel and visa regulations, assisting people in understanding the degree of freedom of movement enjoyed by inhabitants of other nations. It also emphasizes how the dynamics of visa-free travel have changed over time for different nations.