India reiterates call for a ‘sovereign Palestine state’

India reiterates call for a ‘sovereign Palestine state’

India reiterates call for a ‘sovereign Palestine state’


On Thursday night, an Air India flight arrived in Israel with 230 Indian citizens in need of evacuation as part of Operation Ajay, India’s operation to rescue its residents from conflict-ridden Israel.

What is the recent incident that initiated the conflict turning into a full-fledged war?

  • There has been an Israel-Palestine dispute for many years. The largest strike against Israel recently was carried out by Hamas from the Gaza Strip in October 2023. 
  •  Hundreds of gunmen broke into villages close to the Gaza Strip as part of the assault. There have been at least 1,300 Israeli deaths, and scores of soldiers and civilians—including women and children—are being held captive in Gaza.

What is India’s Stand Over Attack on Israel?

  • Solidarity with Israel: In response to Hamas strikes from Gaza, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi voiced solidarity with Israel. Prime Minister Modi expressed his sympathies to the conflict’s victims and their families.
  • Safety Advisory for Indian Nationals: Given the ongoing violence, the Indian embassy in Tel Aviv issued safety advisories to Indian nationals in Israel, asking them to maintain security measures and stay close to safety shelters. This warning is designed to ensure the safety and well-being of Indian residents living in or visiting Israel during this difficult time.
  • India’s Long-Standing Position: It has been said that India’s position on the Israel-Palestine conflict is “long-standing and consistent.” It is in favour of starting direct talks again to create a viable, autonomous state of Palestine that coexists peacefully with Israel.

What is the “Operation Ajay”?

  • Operation Ajay: The Indian Armed Forces are now engaged in Operation Ajay.
  • Evacuation Mission: The main goal of Operation Ajay is to evacuate Indian citizens who were in Israel during the Israel-Hamas conflict in 2023 and return them.
  • Background of the Conflict: The operation was started in reaction to the October 7, 2023, start of the Israel-Hamas conflict in 2023.
  • Indian Nationals in Israel: There are an estimated 18,000 Indian nationals living in Israeli areas impacted by the conflict. The primary goal of Operation Ajay is to guarantee their safe departure.
  • Humanitarian Mission: The goal of this operation is to protect Indian nationals who are stranded in the combat zone and ensure their safety.
  • Safety and Return: Operation Ajay’s main objective is to remove these Indian nationals from the conflict-affected areas in a safe manner and make it easier for them to return to India.
  • Coordination with Other Agencies: The operation likely involves coordination between the military, the Ministry of External Affairs, and other government agencies to facilitate the evacuation. Air India is also being a part of this rescue operation.


Amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, Operation Ajay’s primary objective is to guarantee the safe evacuation and return of Indian people to Israel. It emphasizes India’s dedication to the security and well-being of its people, especially in times of global emergency.