India Slips In Press Freedom Index


According to Reporters Without Borders (RSF’s) most recent report, India’s position in the 2023 World Press Freedom Index has dropped to 161 out of 180 nations.

Points to Ponder:

  • Reporters Without Borders (RSF), a global non-governmental organisation with a base in Paris that upholds and promotes press and information freedom, releases the Press Freedom Index every year.
  • Based on the degree of press freedom that journalists and media outlets had in the previous year, the index assigns rankings to 180 nations and territories.
  • The index considers several variables, including self-censorship, media independence, pluralism, and media environment.
  • The index’s goal is to assess the degree of press freedom that is enjoyed by journalists and the media across various nations and territories.
  • The scores are used to rank the nations from highest to lowest, with the greatest score denoting the highest level of press freedom and the lowest score denoting the lowest level.
  • The index sheds light on the situation of press freedom around the world and draws attention to the difficulties experienced by journalists and media workers in various nations.
  • The index acts as a tool for spreading awareness and promoting greater press and information freedom globally.