Indian Army's Project Udbhav

Indian Army’s Project Udbhav



The Indian Army, in collaboration with the United Service Institution of India (USI), recently concluded a hybrid-panel discussion as part of Project Udbhav.


Project Udbhav:

  • It is a brainchild of the Indian Army which is dedicated to exploring India’s profound Indic heritage in statecraft, diplomacy, warcraft, and grand strategy.
  • Objective: To delve into India’s historical narratives, encompassing Indigenous Military Systems, Regional Texts, Thematic Studies, and the timeless wisdom of Kautilya.
  • It aims to uncover the evolution of indigenous military systems and strategies that have transcended generations.
  • It also seeks to combine this age-old wisdom with India’s rich cultural tapestry, creating an indigenous strategic vocabulary.
  • The project scrutinizes indigenous military systems that have safeguarded India throughout its history.
  • Project Udbhav aspires to create an indigenous strategic vocabulary deeply rooted in India’s philosophical and cultural heritage.


Significance of Project Udbhav:

  • The initiative contributes to the resurgence of India’s ancient cultural and strategic heritage by exploring historical texts and indigenous systems.
  • It reinforces the idea of a strong and culturally rooted national identity, deeply intertwined with the nation’s defense and strategic thought.