Indian Ceramics and Glassware Products

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Indian Ceramics and Glassware Products


• India’s exports of Ceramics & Glassware products for 2021-22 hit a record at US$ 3464 Million.
• During FY 2013-14; India’s Ceramic & Glassware products exports were valued at US$ 1292 Million.



• The export growth of Ceramic tiles has been achieved because of a surge in shipments of Ceramic Tiles and Sanitary wares products.
• Today Indian Tile Industry has become global player and earns foreign exchange for the nation with “Make In India” approach and today India’s is World’s second largest manufacturer of tiles.
• The export growth of Glassware products has been achieved because of a surge in shipments of Articles of Glass Packing of Goods, Sanitary fixtures of Porcelain, Glass Mirror, Tinted Non-Wired Glass, Glass Bead.
• India exports to more than 125 countries and top destinations are Saudi Arabia, United States, Mexico, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Oman, Indonesia, United Kingdom and Poland. New markets, like Russia and Latin American Countries, have also been added.



• The Department of Commerce’s ongoing efforts have resulted in an increase in exports of ceramic and glassware products.
• CAPEXIL has also taken a number of initiatives, such as organising B2B exhibitions in various countries and exploring new potential markets through product-specific and marketing campaigns with the active participation of Indian embassies, using Grant in Aid under the Market Access Initiative Scheme.
• Despite significant logistical hurdles such as high freight costs and container constraints, this export growth has been achieved. Small and medium exporters from Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh have benefited from an increase in ceramic and glassware exports.


Source: THE HINDU.


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