India’s National Education Policy 2020

India's National Education Policy 2020

India’s National Education Policy 2020


In a resolute endorsement of progress, the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) navigates the path towards heightening public investment in education. Both the Central government and State Governments are called upon to align their efforts, bolstering educational funding to a formidable 6% of the GDP.

Main highlights:

  • The policy, however, is not limited to public measures; it extends its arms to private philanthropic engagements within the educational landscape.
  • The Ministry of Education, notably, showcases a tangible shift in budgetary allotments, from a sum of Rs. 99,311.52 crore in 2020-21 to Rs. 1,12,899.47 crore in 2023-24, marking a robust 13.68% upswing.
  • This upswing resonates harmoniously with the progressively escalating total expenditure on education as a fraction of GDP, reaching 4.64% in the year 2020-21.

National Education Policy 2020

  • The inaugural National Education Policy (NEP) of 2020 marks India’s pioneering educational roadmap for the 21st century, supplanting its predecessor, the National Policy on Education (NPE) of 1986.
  • Under the stewardship of Dr. K Kasturirangan, a committee convened by the Ministry of Education meticulously crafted this novel policy.
  • The National Education Policy of 2020 presents a comprehensive array of reforms tailored to the exigencies of the 21st century, spanning primary to tertiary education, including technical instruction.
  • The bedrock of NEP 2020 is fortified by five cardinal pillars: Access, Equity, Quality, Affordability, and Accountability.
  • Rooted in the aspirations of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, this policy steers India’s trajectory towards a thriving knowledge society and a global powerhouse of erudition.
  • A transformative mission lies at its core, envisaging the metamorphosis of both school and collegiate education into entities that are enriched, adaptive, and multidisciplinary.
  • The policy endeavors to unravel the distinctive potential within each student, nurturing their individual capabilities.