India’s Stand on Islamophobia

Editorial Analysis for UPSC - India’s Stand on Islamophobia

India’s Stand on Islamophobia


  • Recently the United Nations General assembly adopted a resolution declaring March 15 as the international Day to combat Islamophobia.
  • This draft was introduced by Organisation of Islamic cooperation and the permanent representative of Pakistan to the UN.

What is Islamophobia?

  • It is the fear and prejudice, discrimination and hate speech against Islam.
    Muslims living all over the world are of the opinion that negative stereotype in of their faith has been exaggerated since the Al Qaeda‘s 911 terrorist attacks.
    The people who follow the Islamic faith assert that these acts or not in line with the actual practice in Islam.
  • It is obvious that the OIC made many concessions till the last moment in order to achieve consensus. It stuck to its desire to get a resolution on combating Islamophobia, but in the process, had to place it in within the framework of previous resolutions of a general nature which seek to promote tolerance and religious freedoms and combat discrimination and violence flowing from a variety of reasons.

India’s Stand:

  • India’s stand was much wider with calling for fight against phobias against all other religions specially non-Abrahamic religions.
    India’s representative at UN was of the opinion that discriminations have been taken against religion such as Hindus,Sikh & Buddhist.
  • This is considered that India is taking a different stand considering the historical ties with the Arab world since 1947.
    Post-1990 that is after the end of Cold War India is becoming close to the western world which is seen as an hegemon against the Islamic world.
  • Considering the energy security for India the Islamic countries play a very important role in full fulfilling our energy needs.
    Iraq being one of the major suppliers of oil for India since many years. Apart from Iraq countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran and many other Islamic countries supply oil to India.
Dilemma that India faces-
  • At the international forum India also criticised against the discrimination of Jews and Buddhist.
  • India has provided refuge To those who were persecuted from the communities which are mentioned above.
  • But considering the fact that India been the country which holds the second highest Muslim population in the world And India’s commitment towards a secular polity, the Indian state has To secure the interest of the people who believe in the Islamic faith.
Way forward-
  • Though China has the record of mistreating the Uighur Muslim minorities in China,
  • Yet the OIC has adopted a softer approach towards China.
  • So India faces and diplomatic challenge of countering the Chinese his closeness towards the Islamic world.