India’s trade deficit

India’s trade deficit

#GS-03 External Sector

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Trade Deficit:

  • Trade deficit or negative balance of trade (BOT) is the difference between exports and imports when imports are higher than exports.
  • It can be calculated separately for different goods and services or for international transactions such as current account, financial account, and capital account.
  • The opposite of trade deficit is called trade surplus and is the condition when exports are higher than imports.
  • Trade deficit is a part of the Current Account Deficit.


  • Trade deficit could be due to insufficient domestic manufacturing capability resulting in higher imports.
  • Another common reason for trade deficit could be the lack of availability of natural raw materials in the country such as crude oil for India.
  • It can also be sign of economic growth since a rise in the average income can mean consumers will purchase more goods from overseas, which will increase the trade deficit.
  • An increase in the strength of a country’s currency can make imports cheaper which in turn increases trade deficit.
  • Improving foreign relations by way of removal of barriers to trade, such as tariffs can make imports more accessible to people there by increasing imports.


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Status of India’s trade deficit:

  • The trade deficit reduced to $23.9 billion in November from $26.9 billion in the previous month.
  • On a month-on-month basis in November, exports increased by 7.4%, while imports reduced by 1.4%, which helped to narrow the trade deficit.
  • November saw the Imports falling to their lowest level in 10 months due to lower international commodity prices and weaker domestic demand.