Indore best city, M.P. top State in Smart Cities contest

Indore best city, M.P. top State in Smart Cities contest

Indore best city, M.P. top State in Smart Cities contest


The best Smart City has been determined to be Indore, while the finest State for the Smart Cities Mission has been determined to be Madhya Pradesh.

In the India Smart Cities Award Contest (ISAC), 2022, Surat and Agra are the second and third-placed cities, and Tamil Nadu is the second-placed state, followed by Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

What is the  Smart Cities Mission? 

  • The National Smart Cities Mission is an initiative by the Indian government to create sustainable and citizen-friendly smart cities throughout the nation.
  • The mission will be carried out by the Union Ministry of Urban Development in coordination with the state governments of the relevant cities.
  • 100 communities were initially chosen for the mission, and the projects were expected to be finished between 2019 and 2023.

What is the India Smart Cities Award Contest (ISAC) 2022 and what are the criteria for getting awarded?

  • The Indian Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs sponsors the ISAC Awards as part of its Smart Cities Mission.
  • The awards honour and celebrate cities, initiatives, and creative concepts that advance sustainable growth and raise the standard of living in smart cities.
  • The effort wants to promote urban settings that are inclusive, equitable, secure, healthy, and cooperative.

Who won the ISAC 2022?

  • Indore received the top Smart City award, recognizing its outstanding efforts in putting forth smart solutions for urban problems.
  • In recognition of its remarkable performance in the Smart Cities Mission, Madhya Pradesh was named the best state.
  • In terms of the cities, Surat and Agra came in second and third for their contributions to smart urban development, respectively.
  • In the State category, Tamil Nadu came in second, followed by Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.
  • Because of its dedication to smart urbanization, Chandigarh was recognized as the best Union Territory.

What is the procedure for getting this award?

  • There was a two-stage submission process for the ISAC 2022 award:
  • Qualifying stage: At this level, the performance of the city in various facets of smart urban development was evaluated overall.
  • Proposal Stage: At the proposal stage, cities had to nominate candidates in six award categories to show off their creative plans and initiatives.
  • Competition and Prizes:
  • From 80 eligible smart cities, 845 nominations for ISAC 2022 were submitted.
  • Out of these, 66 winners in various award categories were found.

What is the importance of the award and its impact?

  • The ISAC awards showcase how committed cities, states, and territories are to enhancing urban infrastructure and services via the use of cutting-edge technology and methods.
  • The honour promotes additional innovation, growth, and development in India’s urban planning and development industry.