INS Sunayna

INS Sunayna

INS Sunayna


INS Sunayna arrived at the port of Durban, South Africa. The ship engaged in a passage exercise with the South African Navy Ship SAS King Sekhukhune I near Durban. This visit holds significance as it marks 30 years of diplomatic partnership between India and South Africa.


GS-02 (Bilateral groupings and Agreements)

About INS Sunayna:

INS Sunayna is a naval offshore patrol vessel (NOPV) designed to perform a range of missions, including maritime surveillance, patrolling, anti-piracy operations, search and rescue, and humanitarian assistance.

Key Features and Capabilities:

  • INS Sunayna is equipped with modern sensors and surveillance equipment that enable it to effectively monitor maritime activities in its designated area of operation. This aids in maintaining a constant vigil over the maritime domain and responding to any potential threats swiftly.
  • One of the critical roles of INS Sunayna is its involvement in anti-piracy operations.
  • INS SUNAYNA is categorized as a Saryu-class Offshore Patrol Vessel, and it was commissioned in the city of Kochi. Functioning within the Southern Naval Command, this vessel was constructed at the esteemed Goa Shipyard Limited.
  • With a remarkable top speed of 25 knots, INS SUNAYNA also incorporates an automatic power management system to optimize efficiency.
  • It is equipped with state-of-the-art Navigation, Communication, and Electronic Support Systems to ensure its operational effectiveness.
  • Among its counterparts are the INS Sumitra and INS Sumedha, both belonging to the Sarayu class.