International Solar Alliance (ISA)

International Solar Alliance (ISA)


The International Solar Alliance (ISA) recently convened its 5th regional meeting in Kigali, Rwanda, showcasing its commitment to advancing solar power across the globe.


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  • The International Solar Alliance, an intergovernmental organization with a mission to promote solar energy, has been diligently pursuing its goals of spreading solar power utilization across the world.
  • In its 5th regional meeting held in Kigali, Rwanda, ISA demonstrated its commitment to furthering solar energy adoption by gathering representatives from 36 countries.
  • Shri R.K. Singh, the Union Power and NRE Minister, serves as the current President of the ISA.
  • One of the highlights of this event was the virtual inauguration of nine solar power demonstration projects spanning three countries: Uganda, Comoros, and Mali.
  • Within the ambit of ISA’s initiatives to meet the specific needs of the African region, the Global Solar Facility stands out. This facility serves as a pivotal platform for facilitating innovative solar technologies through private investments in Africa. By promoting private sector engagement, ISA aims to unlock new avenues for solar energy development and accessibility in the continent.
  • The Global Solar Facility’s emphasis on private investment is significant as it aligns with the broader goal of sustainable solar energy adoption (Private sector participation not only fuels economic growth but also fosters innovation).