Interstate River Water Dispute

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Interstate River Water Dispute


  • Time has come to revisit Inter-state River Water Disputes Act: Karnataka CM
  • The Chief Minister spoke virtually at the inaugural of the ‘PM Gati Shakti’ southern zone conference chaired by Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari.
  • “There are some legal interventions that are necessary. Delay is the most costly affair which has been affecting our infrastructure. The delay in our irrigation projects are bogged down by the Inter-State Water Disputes Act. In fact, it creates more disputes than resolving them,” Bommai said.


  • Article 262 of the constitution provides for adjudication of inter – state water disputes. It makes two provisions:
  • Parliament may by law provide for adjudication of any dispute or complaint w.r.t the use, distribution and control of waters of any inter-state river and river valley.
  • Parliament may also provide that neither the SC nor any other court is to exercise jurisdiction w.r.t any dispute.
  • Under this provision the parliament has enacted two laws:
  • The River Boards Act ,1956:It provides for establishment of river boards for regulation and development of inter state river and river valleys. A river board is established by central government on the request of the state governments.
  1. Inter-State Water Disputes Act ,1956
  2. It empowers the central government to set up an ad hoc tribunal for the adjudication of a dispute between two or more states.
  3. The decision of the tribunal would be final and binding on the parties to the dispute.
  4. Neither the Supreme Court nor any other court is to have jurisdiction.
Source: THE HINDU.