Is UPSC Civil Services Exam Tough?

Is UPSC Civil Services Exam Tough?

Let’s do a reality check!

  • It’s just a misconception that only toppers in their academics can clear the UPSC exam. Anyone can crack the UPSC exam with average academic records. What all one needs is the perfect mixture of hard work and smart work plus determination.
  • When any person goes through the nature and the structure of the exam, it is clear that the exam is not tough as such but it is due to the competitive nature of the exam due to a smaller number of posts and huge number of applicants the exam is considered to be tough.

Challenges Aspirants Face:

  • The biggest challenge for any aspirant is to keep the momentum of the preparation on the right track till the goal is achieved.
  • As the structure of the examination is designed in such a way that entire duration of the exam until the final results are out will take around 10 to 11 months.
  • So, it is this which many aspirants find to cope up with as the whole process takes a lot of dedication and perseverance.
  • To break up the pattern of the exam, it begins with Prelims which is of objective type, it consists of two papers including General Studies – Paper 1 and CSAT – Paper 2 with weightage of 200 marks each.
  • The CSAT paper is only of qualifying nature where the candidate has to score 67 marks to qualify out of 200 whereas the marks of Paper – 1 is considered based on the cutoff which is taken based on the category of the candidate.
  • After this stage comes the Mains Exam which is of descriptive in nature and consists of nine different papers.
  • The final stage of the Civil Services Examination is the Interview stage which is all about testing one’s character and grit.

Breaking The Myth

  • Coming back to the topic, one thing has to be cleared about the numbers with respect to UPSC CSE, as we all know there are around 10 lakh aspirants out of which 8 to 10 thousand make it to the mains, so out of the ten lakh applicants we can consider around 1.5 lakh to 2 lakh candidates who are the serious aspirants and put consistent efforts for the exam, so this misconception about the number of applicants must be taken off from the minds.
  • The candidate has to focus upon the syllabus of the exam and plan accordingly and also the candidate must stick to limited sources throughout their preparation which has to be revised multiple times along with regular updates of current affairs is all what is required. Along with this, proper guidance and consistent mentoring is required for the aspirants to successfully get through.