Jan Samarth” Portal

Jan Samarth” Portal

Jan Samarth” Portal


The Government has launched “Jan Samarth” Portal on 06.06.2022 to provide a common platform for availing loan under certain credit-linked Government schemes.

The salient features of the “Jan Samarth” Portal are as under:

i.          It connects all stakeholders like beneficiaries, financial institutions, Central/State Government Agencies, and Nodal Agencies on a common platform.

ii.          Applicants can initially access 13 credit-linked Government Schemes catering to youth, students, entrepreneurs and farmers viz. Education Loans, Agriculture Loans, Business Activity Loans, and Livelihood Loans.

Catch the Rain Campaign

Ministry of Jal Shakti launched “Catch the Rain” campaign with the tagline “Catch the rain, where it falls, when it falls” to nudge the states and all stakeholders to create Rain Water Harvesting Structures (RWHS) suitable to the climatic conditions and sub-soil strata, with people’s active participation.

Ministry of Tourism under its Swadesh Darshan Scheme (SDS) has sanctioned 10 projects under the theme of Coastal Circuit


The Ministry of Tourism has now revamped its Swadesh Darshan scheme as Swadesh Darshan 2.0 (SD2.0) in order to develop sustainable and responsible destination centric approach with the following objectives:

(a)        To enhance the contribution of tourism to the local economies.

(b)        To create jobs including self-employment for local communities.

(c)        To enhance the skills of local youth in tourism and hospitality.

(d)       To increase private sector investment in tourism and hospitality.

(e)        To preserve and enhance the local cultural and natural resources.