Jews In India

Jews In India

Jews In India

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  • Jews have been present in India for over 2,000 years, with the first Jewish settlers believed to have arrived in the city of Cochin (now Kochi) in the southern state of Kerala in the 1st century CE. Over the centuries, Jews have settled in various parts of India and have contributed to the country’s cultural and religious diversity.


  • Jews in Andhra Pradesh are still waiting to migrate to Israel even after this many years.Here are some points on Jews in India:

Historical Context:

  • The earliest Jewish settlers in India were believed to be traders from the Middle East who arrived on the Malabar Coast in the 1st century CE. These Jews are known as the Cochin Jews, and their community flourished in Kerala for centuries. Other Jewish communities, such as the Bene Israel and the Baghdadi Jews, settled in other parts of India over the years.
  • The Jews first came to Telangana and then to Amaravati around 300 years ago. Only Machilipatnam in the Krishna district and Kothareddypalem near Chebrolu in the Guntur district are home to the Telugu Jewish population. 
  • The residents of the village consider themselves to be “Bene Ephraim,” one of Israel’s lost tribes

Cultural Contributions: 

  • Jews in India have made significant cultural and religious contributions over the centuries. The Cochin Jews, for instance, developed a unique Jewish tradition that incorporated Indian customs and practices.
  •  The Bene Israel, who settled in the state of Maharashtra, developed a distinct style of Jewish worship and music that was influenced by Indian culture.

Present-Day Community:

  • Today, there are estimated to be around 5,000 Jews in India, most of whom live in Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra. The Jewish community in India is small but active, with several synagogues, schools, and cultural organizations.


  • Like other minority communities in India, Jews in India face some challenges, including discrimination and the threat of communal violence. However, the Indian government has been supportive of the Jewish community, and India has maintained diplomatic ties with Israel since 1992.

Jewish Tourism:

  • India is also a popular destination for Jewish tourists, who come to visit historical Jewish sites such as the Paradesi Synagogue in Kochi, the Magen David Synagogue in Mumbai, and the Bene Israel Cemetery in Pune. The Indian government has encouraged Jewish tourism as a way to promote cultural exchange and tourism in the country.