Jimex 23

Jimex 23

Jimex 23


The 7th edition of the Japan India Maritime Exercise 2023 (JIMEX 23) organized by the Indian Navy came to an end in the Bay of Bengal. The event concluded with both sides bidding farewell to each other through a customary steampast.


Jimex 23

  • Jimex 23 aims to propel cooperation and interoperability to unprecedented heights between the two mighty naval powers Japan Maritime Self Defence Force (JMSDF) and the Indian Navy.

Unleashing the Indian Navy’s Arsenal

  • The Indian Navy showcased an impressive array of participating assets, with the likes of INS Delhi, a Guided Missile Destroyer, INS Kamorta, an Anti-Submarine Warfare Corvette, and the indomitable INS Shakti, a formidable Fleet Tanker.
  • Adding to the formidable force, a submarine, P8I and Dornier maritime patrol aircraft, ship-borne helicopters, and fighter aircraft stood ready to conquer the marine realm.

The Two Phases

  • Jimex 23 unfurls its narrative through two distinct phases, each with its own purpose and allure.
  • The Harbour Phase, set amidst the backdrop of Visakhapatnam, becomes a melting pot of professionalism, camaraderie, and sporting camaraderie. The tides of knowledge flow, as the naval forces exchange insights, engage in strategic discourse, and partake in social interactions that transcend the boundaries of diplomacy.
  • The Sea Phase, a symphony of joint warfighting skills, interoperability, and multi-discipline operations reverberates through the surface, sub-surface, and air domains. The forces navigate the complexities of warfare, exploring uncharted territories and mastering the art of synchronized action.

The Objectives

  • Jimex 23 from the core, portrays profound quest for knowledge, and eagerness to extract wisdom from each other’s boundless experiences.
  • With a focus on strengthening operational interactions and fostering mutual cooperation, the exercise carves a path towards shared excellence.
  • It serves as a testament to the unyielding dedication of both navies, their resolute commitment to maritime security, and a resounding declaration of their unwavering presence in the region.