Kalasa Banduri scheme


Minutes before the Karnataka Assembly elections were declared, the previous BJP government published tenders for the controversial Kalasa Banduri scheme. However, because these tenders were put out without securing forest and environmental approval, they may encounter difficulties.

Kalasa Banduri scheme

  • Objective: The project’s goal is to divert water from the Kalasa and Banduri tributaries of the Mahadayi River in India so that it can be used for irrigation and to supply drinking water to the North Karnataka areas that are prone to drought.
  • Water Sources: The Kalasa and Banduri tributaries, which are found in the state of Karnataka and run through the Western Ghats region, will be used for the project.
  • Dams: To store water and control its flow, the project calls for the construction of the Kalasa and Banduri dams. During dry spells, these dams will aid in providing a steady flow of water.
  • Dispute over Water Allocation: The project has been the focus of conflict between the states of Goa and Karnataka. While Karnataka contends that the project is necessary to meet its people’s water needs, Goa has expressed worries about the project’s potential ecological damage and probable water shortage in its region.
  • Legal Action: The Mahadayi Water Disputes Tribunal, a body created to settle the water-sharing disagreements between the interested states, has taken up the subject. The tribunal is in charge of reviewing both states’ claims and deciding how much water from the Mahadayi River should be distributed.
  • Opposition and Protests: In a recent joint declaration, the governments of Goa and Maharashtra expressed their shared opposition to Karnataka’s water diversion proposal. The Union Government announced this choice in February 2020. The Karnataka government requested approval to convert 26.92 hectares of forest land for non-forest uses in a revised proposal it sent to the National Wildlife Board and MoEFCC a few weeks ago. The Union Government, which is currently led in Karnataka by the Congress party, may not issue clearance for the project, according to sources in the Congress party, who also say that the tenders may need to be cancelled.

Mahadayi River

  • Location: The Mandovi River is found in the Indian state of Goa, which is found on the nation’s western coast.
  • Origin: The Western Ghats, a mountain range that runs along the western edge of the Deccan Plateau, are where it first appeared.
  • Length: From its source to its mouth, the river travels a distance of roughly 77 kilometres (48 miles).
  • Flow: The Mandovi River flows through the state of Goa in a generally westward direction.
  • Panaji: Panaji, often spelt Panjim, is the state capital of Goa and is located along the Mandovi River.
  • Estuary: The Mandovi River creates a natural harbour by forming an estuary close to its mouth. The estuary enables maritime operations and serves as a port.
  • Navigability: The river can be navigated over a significant distance, enabling the transfer of both goods and people. It helps with river traffic and boosts the regional economy.
  • Tourism: Goa’s Mandovi River is a well-liked tourism destination. On its waters, several cruises and boat tours are available, giving tourists spectacular vistas and entertainment choices. Sunset cruises are especially well-known.
  • Ecosystem: The river’s environment is diversified and home to mangroves, marshes, and marine life. Numerous birds, fish, and water animal species call it home.
  • Festivals: To honour the river’s significance, each year the “Mandovi River Festival” attracts both locals and tourists.
  • Infrastructure development: The Mandovi River’s presence has aided in the growth of ports, jetties, and tourist attractions along its banks. Additionally, it has boosted the economies of transportation, tourism, and fishing.