Kerala House passes motion to rename the State ‘Keralam’

Kerala House passes motion to rename the State ‘Keralam’


The Kerala Assembly, in a unanimous decision, passed a resolution proposing a Constitutional amendment to change the name of the State to ‘Keralam’.


GS-02 (Polity)

Formation and Alteration of States

  • Article 3:
    • Form new states by separating or merging territories.
    • Increase or reduce the area of any state.
    • Alter the boundaries or names of states.
  • Conditions:
    • A Bill for these changes must be recommended by the President.
    • If the changes affect any state’s area, boundaries, or name, the Bill must be referred to that state’s legislature for feedback within a specified period.
    • Feedback from the state’s legislature is not binding on the President or Parliament.

Procedure to Change a State’s Name:

  • A Bill to change a state’s name can be introduced in Parliament or the state’s Legislative Assembly.
  • In Parliament, the Bill requires the President’s recommendation.
  • The Bill is sent to the concerned state’s legislature for its views within a specified timeframe.
  • The state’s feedback is not binding; after this period, the Bill returns to Parliament.
  • The Bill is passed with a simple majority in Parliament.
  • The President’s assent is required for the Bill to become law.
  • Once approved, the Act is enforced, and the state’s name is changed.

Article 4 Clarification:

  • Laws made under Articles 2 and 3 for forming or altering states are not considered constitutional amendments under Article 368.