Kerala Leads the Way in India Skills Report 2024

Kerala Leads the Way in India Skills Report 2024


Kerala has emerged the most preferred State to work in the India Skills Report 2024.

  • This report, a collaborative effort by Wheebox, the All India Council for Technical Education, the Confederation of Indian Industry, and the Association of Indian Universities, among others, unfolds a narrative of employability trends and regional preferences among India’s burgeoning workforce.


GS-02 (Skill development, Government policies and interventions)

Key Highlights:

  • Kerala’s ascendancy to the most preferred state to work is a testament to its holistic approach to education and skill development. The state’s commitment to fostering future-ready skills has not only resonated with the workforce but has also positioned Kerala as a beacon of talent in the national landscape.
  • The report identifies Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram as the standout performers, securing the second and fourth positions, respectively. This ranking considers the preferences of both men and women across age groups, showcasing the diverse appeal of these cities as desirable work locations.
  • The foundation of this report rests on insights gathered through the National Employability Test, a monumental survey that engaged a staggering 3.88 lakh youths across the nation. A significant revelation is the upswing in employability, with 51.25% of the assessed youths deemed equipped with the requisite skills for employment, signaling a positive trajectory in India’s workforce readiness.
  • Beyond being the preferred state, Kerala secures the second position in overall employability within the 18-21 age group. This substantiates the state’s standing as a robust talent pool, capable of nurturing skills that resonate across diverse age demographics.
  • The report highlights the importance of diverse skill sets by highlighting Kerala’s third position among states in overall employability. This diversity extends to regions, enabling them to meet the multifaceted demands of the job market. A well-rounded talent pool emerges as a strategic asset, fostering resilience and adaptability.
  • Kerala also secures the third position in the concentration of employable talent in the B.E./BTech and polytechnic domains.
  • English proficiency is a critical aspect of employability, and Kerala shines as the third-ranked state with the highest availability of English skills.