Cracking KAS Prelims demands more than just knowledge, It requires impeccable practice to hone your skills and conquer the exam. That’s where the KAS PRELIMS TEST SERIES comes in, your ultimate weapon for mastery with Our Micro, Sectional, and Full-Length Test Series.


Why is the Test Series relevant for your KPSC KAS journey?

Practice makes perfect: Treat your KPSC KAS journey like a marathon, not a sprint. Our Test Series is your training ground, providing you with the miles of practice needed to build endurance, refine your technique, and cross the finish line with confidence.

Progressive difficulty: Start with easy concepts and gradually climb the ladder of complexity, just like the real exam. This progressive approach ensures you build a strong foundation before tackling tougher challenges.

Detailed analysis: Learn from your mistakes and gain valuable insights with our in-depth answer explanations and personalized Mentorship Support. Identify your strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement to keep propelling yourself forward.


Course Deliverables


Comprehensive Syllabus Coverage

It includes Unique Prelims Test Series meticulously designed to cover the entire syllabus of the KPSC KAS Prelims, ensuring aspirants are well-prepared across all key areas through Micro Tests, Sectional Tests and Full Length Tests.

Both Sectional and Full-Length Tests 

A mix of sectional tests for focused preparation on individual subjects and full-length tests for overall assessment delivers a holistic learning experience, allowing you to dissect each subject for nuanced understanding while simultaneously building a strategic view of the entire exam.

KPSC KAS Pattern and Trend

The questions are curated by a team of experts with extensive experience in KPSC preparation to ensure high-quality and relevant questions.

Detailed Explanations and Personal Mentorship Support

Each testis followed by detailed explanations and test discussion to promote the conceptual clarity and better understanding of relevant topics. Students will have access to personal mentorship and a support team for any queries or guidance, enhancing their reparation journey.

Performance Analysis

Detailed analysis offers insights into performance, helping aspirants track their progress and identify areas for further improvement.


A customized approach for students is followed as they can give the tests as per their preferred timings in offline or online mode.

Complimentary Study Material

Candidates ae also provided with Daily Current Affairs Handouts , Manthra (Current Affairs )Monthly magazines and other KPSC relevant materials.


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