Krishi Integrated Command and Control Centre



The Union Agriculture Minister recently inaugurated the Krishi Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC), marking a major leap in the field of Agriculture technology



GS-03 (Agriculture)


About the Agriculture Integrated Command and Control Centre :

  • The centre was inaugurated to empower the farmers of the country by equipping them with information, services and facilities using digital technology.
  • The objective of the initiative is to provide farmers with information about the reality in the farm and also to find the real challenges that the agriculture sector is facing.
  • It operates under the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare.
  • It employs advanced technology to support informed decision-making by integrating various IT applications and platforms.
    • Utilizing data sources such as weather information from the India Meteorological Department, sowing data from Digital Crop Survey, and market intelligence from the Unified Portal for Agricultural Statistics, it harnesses technologies like artificial intelligence and remote sensing to analyze agricultural data at a granular level.
    • Providing insights on crop yields, production, drought conditions, cropping patterns, and Key Performance Indicators, the ICCC enhances decision-making by offering comprehensive visualizations through the Krishi Decision Support System, potentially linking with the PM-Kisan chatbot in the future.


Facts for Prelims:

  • Wheat blast disease: It is a highly destructive fungal infection caused by the fungus  Magnaporthe oryzae pathotype triticum (MoT),  that primarily affects wheat crops.