Major oil and gas firms have pledged to go carbon-neutral

Major oil and gas firms have pledged to go carbon-neutral


Several oil and gas corporations have committed to being net zero — or carbon neutral — by 2050, according to Sultan Al Jaber, president-designate of the 28th Conference of Parties (COP-28), at a news conference on Wednesday ahead of the two-week-long United Nations climate summit, which begins on Thursday.

Net Zero Commitments by Oil and Gas Companies:

The announcement by several oil and gas firms that they will become net zero or carbon neutral by 2050 is a significant milestone. This indicates that these corporations want to neutralize or offset the quantity of greenhouse gases they create by investing in carbon capture technologies or sponsoring reforestation projects.

The significance of the Commitments:

The significance stems from the unusual unification of a large number of oil and gas businesses with aggressive climate goals. Net-zero carbon emissions are an important aim in the worldwide effort to combat climate change. The pledge to achieve net-zero methane targets by 2030 is also notable, as methane is a powerful greenhouse gas that has a major short-term influence on global warming.

Initiatives at COP-28:

The 28th Conference of Parties, or COP-28, is a United Nations climate summit where governments meet to discuss and negotiate climate policies. The UAE president has played a role in aligning large economies such as the United States and China on climate action and lowering methane emissions. This international cooperation is critical for addressing global climate challenges

Denial of Allegations Concerning Oil and Gas Transactions:

According to reports, the host country, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), may use the COP-28 forum to push oil and gas development projects through the Abu Dhabi National Oil Corporation (ADNOC). Sultan Al Jaber firmly disputed these allegations, underlining that they were baseless and intended to undermine the work of the COP-28 presidency.

Sultan Al Jaber’s Dual Roles:

Concerns over Sultan Al Jaber’s dual duties as COP President and CEO of ADNOC were addressed. Critics have voiced concerns about potential conflicts of interest, as the COP President is expected to be fair and independent while working toward a fossil-fuel-free future. Al Jaber stated that his focus in negotiations has always been on the COP-28 agenda and global climate goals.

Climate Action Commitment:

Al Jaber emphasized the COP process’s transparency and openness. His engagement with governments and oil and gas businesses is motivated by the larger goal of forcing them to transition away from fossil fuels. His emphasis on the importance of a collaborative attitude focused on implementation and action underlines the urgency of addressing climate change and keeping global temperature increases below 1.5 degrees Celsius, as stipulated in the Paris Agreement.


In conclusion, these events reflect a shift in the oil and gas industry’s response to climate change, with businesses making large pledges and worldwide efforts being coordinated through initiatives such as COP-28. The task of balancing climate concerns with continued oil and gas activities is challenging, requiring international cooperation and open conversation.