Matua Dharma Maha Mela

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Matua Dharma Maha Mela


  • The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi addressed Matua Dharma Maha Mela 2022 at ShreedhamThakurnagar, Thakurbari, West Bengal on the occasion of 211th birth anniversary of Shree ShreeHarichand Thakur.


  • Matua Dharma Maha Mela is an occasion to bow to the Matua tradition, foundation of which was laid by Shree ShreeHarichand Thakur ji and further nurtured by Guruchand Thakur ji and Boro Ma.
  • Harichand Thakur devoted his life to the cause of betterment of the oppressed, downtrodden, and deprived persons in undivided Bengal during the pre-independence era. The social and religious movement started by him originated from Orakandi (now in Bangladesh) in 1860 and led to the formation of the Matua
  • Dharma, said a release by the Prime Minister’s Office.
  • People started gathering around him because of his religious nature as well as his miraculous power well-known in the nearby locality.
  • He started preaching his own religious realization which is only based on Bhakti.
  • According to his doctrine, all traditional rituals, except devotion to God, faith in mankind, and love for living beings, are meaningless and distortions from the real aim of attaining God.