Medium Range Surface to Air Missiles (MRSAMs)

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Medium Range Surface to Air Missiles (MRSAMs)


India recently test fired two army version medium Range surface to air missiles from the integrated test Range at Chandipur in Orissa.


This version of Medium range surface to air missile is being jointly developed by DRDO and the Israel Aerospace industries.
The system comprises multifunction radar, mobile launcher system and other vehicles.
This exercise wash carried out as a part of live firing trials against high-speed aerial targets.

Significance for India:

At a time when China is significantly increasing its weapons And also diversify its defence equipments it is certainly necessary for India to collaborate with like-minded countries and develop innovative weapons.
In recent years India has been Increasing its military equipment imports from Israel including the unmanned aerial vehicles, drones other radar equipped defence equipments.


Source: THE HINDU.