Mission LiFE

Mission LiFE

#GS-03 Environment and Ecology

For Prelims:

About Mission LiFE:

  • Mission LiFE (Lifestyle For Environment) is a new initiative for sustainable and healthy lifestyle.
  • Mission LiFe is a global initiative by India to help the world in its fight against climate change and lead to a sustainable way of life to achieve the sustainable development goals.
  • Mission LiFE makes us all trustees of the environment. A trustee is someone who does not allow indiscriminate use of resources. A trustee who works as a nurturer and not as an exploiter.
  • It connects the powers of the people for the protection of this earth and teaches them to utilise it in a better way.
  • Mission LiFE makes the fight against climate change democratic, in which everyone can contribute within their capacity.
  • Mission LiFE inspires us to do all that can be done in our everyday life to protect the environment.
  • Mission LiFE believes that the environment can be protected by making changes in our lifestyle.
  • Mission LiFE emboldens the spirit of the P3 model i.e. Pro Planet People.
  • Mission LiFE will encompass every lifestyle related to the conservation of nature, which our ancestors adopted, and that can be made a part of our lifestyle today.

India and the environment:

  • India is ranked fourth in wind energy and fifth in solar energy.
  • India’s renewable energy capacity has increased by about 290 percent in the last 7-8 years.
  • India has also achieved the target of achieving 40 percent of the electric capacity from non-fossil-fuel sources 9 years ahead of the deadline.
  • India has also achieved the target of 10 percent ethanol blending in petrol, and that too 5 months before the deadline.
  • Through the National Hydrogen Mission, India has moved towards an environment-friendly energy source. This will help India and many countries of the world to achieve their goal of net zero.