Researchers have recently discovered a distinctive process of electric polarization induced by magnetic ordering in a newly discovered mineral called “MnBi2S4.”



GS03  (Science and Technology)



  • In this study conducted at the Chemistry & Physics of Materials Unit at Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR), MnBi2S4 undergoes magnetic ordering at low temperatures.
  • The findings show a strong coupling between magnetism and electric polarization.
  • The findings of this study could find applicability in the domain of energy-efficient data storage.



  • MnBi2S4 is also known as mineral graţianite and belongs to the ternary manganese chalcogenide family.
  • They have unique magnetic structures that includes a spin density wave, cycloidal, and helical spin structures.
  • It is centro-symmetric and undergoes magnetic ordering at low temperatures (27, 23, and 21.5 Kelvins).



Magnetoelectric multiferroics:

  • They are a special class of materials displaying both magnetism and ferroelectricity simultaneously.
  • This dual property is unique as materials typically possess either magnetism or ferroelectricity.
  • These substances find usage in advanced technology applications like spintronics, electronic memory devices, and other electronic components like actuators and switches.