More Than A Story


The demand for a ban on The Kerala Story, a film based on the instances of a few women joining the Islamic State, is ill-conceived.

Points to Ponder:

  • It is misguided to call for banning the movie The Kerala Story, which is based on the experiences of a few women who joined the Islamic State.
  • The Supreme Court and the High Courts in Kerala and Madras refused to budge in the face of calls to outlaw the film.
  • An exaggerated claim that 32,000 females had vanished in Kerala, ostensibly to join a terrorist organisation, was made in the movie’s teaser, which led to negative press.
  • The movie’s creators have agreed to remove the teaser and include an advisory saying the plot is made up.
  • Any attempt to censor the movie will be ineffective since it will just serve to strengthen its propaganda value and, potentially, its hidden agenda.
  • There is no justification for outlawing a movie once it has received statutory certification.
  • Although police and municipal authorities are permitted to halt a movie’s showing under public order laws, it would be dangerous to do so each time a group calls for a ban.
  • Multiplexes and some theatre owners have decided not to screen the movie due to protest threats, and it is a smart assessment of the local circumstances that aid local authorities in deciding whether to provide the necessary protection.
  • It is unacceptable to try to use The Kerala Story for political and electoral gain.