MPLADS e-SAKSHI Mobile Application Launch

MPLADS e-SAKSHI Mobile Application Launch


The MPLADS e-SAKSHI Mobile Application has been introduced, marking a significant development in the fund flow procedure under the Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS).


GS-02 (Government schemes)

Main Highlights:

  • The MPLADS Scheme is designed to empower Members of Parliament (MPs) to suggest developmental projects, placing particular emphasis on creating sustainable community assets that align with locally identified needs.
  • The revised guidelines aim to broaden the scheme’s scope, allowing MPs to recommend developmental works in response to evolving community needs and emphasizing the improvement of MPLADS scheme functioning, implementation, and monitoring.

e-SAKSHI Mobile Application:

  • The mobile application offers a range of benefits, enhancing convenience and accessibility for MPs.
  • It enables them to propose, track, and oversee projects with ease, providing real-time access that improves decision-making processes.
  • This feature allows for swift responses to emerging needs or issues.
  • The application’s introduction is expected to streamline communication between MPs and relevant authorities, fostering a more efficient exchange of information and contributing to the overall effectiveness of the MPLADS scheme.