MV Ganga Vilas

MV Ganga Vilas

MV Ganga Vilas

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MV Ganga Vilas

  • Ganga Vilas which has been touted as the world’s longest river cruise was launched on 13 January, 2023 from Varanasi.
  • The luxury cruise will be covering a distance of more than 3,200 kms across 27 river systems in 5 states of India and Bangladesh.
  • The 51 days cruise will include visits to 50 tourist spots such as World Heritage Sights, National Parks, river Ghats.
  • It will also cover major cities like Patna in Bihar, Sahibganj in Jharkhand, Kolkata in West Bengal, Dhaka in Bangladesh and Guwahati in Assam.

Features of the ship

  • MV Ganga Vilas holds the distinction of being the first indigenously made cruise vessel in India.
  • The ship has three decks, and 18 suites on board with all the modern amenities and have a carrying capacity of 36 tourists.
  • The ship has been built with sustainable principles at its core and is equipped with pollution-free mechanisms and noise control technologies.

Sur Sarita – Symphony of Ganga

  • ‘Sur Sarita – Symphony of Ganga’ is the grand curtain raiser cultural program organised by the Ministry of Culture on the eve of the launch of MV Ganga Vilas on 12th January 2023 at Varanasi.
  • Its aimed at making, other dignitaries including tourists traveling in Ganga Vilas Cruise get acquainted with the importance of Mother Ganga and their responsibilities towards her, along with enjoying the Sur Taranginis.


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Economic implications

  • The global River cruise market has grown at approximately 5% over the last few years and is expected to constitute about 37% of cruise market by 2027.
  • Europe has been driving growth having around 60% share of river cruise vessels in the world.
  • In India, 8 river cruise vessels are currently operational between Kolkata and Varanasi while cruise movement is also operational on National Waterways 2 (Brahmaputra).

Source “Modi flags off world’s longest river cruise from Varanasi to Dibrugarh

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