Nai Manzil Scheme

Nai Manzil Scheme


• The number of individuals who have received skill development training under the Nai Manzil scheme in FY 2020-21 alone is 1965 beneficiaries out of total 93485 skill trained since inception.


• The scheme aims to benefit the youth (both men & women) belonging to six notified minority communities of 17-35 years of age, who do not have formal school leaving certificate, i.e., those in the category of school –dropouts or educated in community education institutions like Madrasas.
• 30% of the beneficiary seats are earmarked for girl/women candidates
• 5% of the beneficiary seats for persons with disability belonging to the minority community under the scheme.
• The scheme provides a combination of formal education (Class VIII or X) and skills to enable beneficiaries seek better employment and livelihood.

Current Status:

• Total of 834 number of women/girls from minority groups have been trained during the year 2020-21.
• A total of 2059 women beneficiaries (including those trained in previous years) secured employment in the organised sector in FY 2020-21.
• Total 39635 women beneficiaries have been skill trained since inception of the Scheme.
• Though only 30% of the beneficiary seats are earmarked for girl/women candidates, the percentage of women beneficiaries actually trained is more than 42% in case of Nai Manzil Scheme


Source: THE HINDU.