National Coal Index (NCI)


The National Coal Index (NCI) experienced a 3.83-point increase in September 2023, primarily influenced by the temporary surge in global coal prices.


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What is the National Coal Index?

  • The NCI serves as a price index, indicating the monthly change in coal prices relative to the fixed base year, which is FY 2017-18. It encompasses coal prices from all sales channels, including imports.
  • The base year for the NCI is FY 2017-18.
  • The amount of revenue share per tonne of coal produced from auctioned blocks would be arrived at using the NCI by means of a defined formula.
  • NCI was rolled out in June 2020 and the same is placed on the website of the Ministry of Coal.
  • It is composed of a set of five sub-indices.:
    • There are three for Non-Coking Coal and two for Coking Coal.
    • The three sub-indices for Non Coking Coal are combined to arrive at the Index for Non Coking Coal and the two sub-indices for Coking Coal are combined to arrive at the Index for Coking Coal.
    • Thus, indices are separate for Non-coking and Coking Coal.
    • As per the grade of coal pertaining to a mine, the appropriate sub-index is used to arrive at the revenue share.