National Maritime Day


National Maritime Day is observed every year in India on 5 April to raise awareness about intercontinental commerce and the need for defending and preserving the country’s maritime zone.

  • This year marks the 61st edition of National Maritime Day.
  • Theme: “Navigating the Future: Safety First”.


GS – 2 GS – 3 (Government Policies & Interventions, Growth & Development, Infrastructure)

Why National Maritime Day is celebrated?

  • As shipping contributes significantly to the country’s economy, it is to encourage the merchant shipping industry of India that this day is celebrated.
  • At present, India ranks as the 16th largest maritime country globally, supported by around 200 non-major ports and 12 major ports.

Maritime India Vision 2030:

  • The Maritime India Vision 2030 (MIV 2030) is a plan to transform ports in India.
  • It is a ten-year blueprint for the maritime sector which was released by the Prime Minister of India at the Maritime India Summit 2021.

  • The plan includes aspirations in logistics, infrastructure, and shipping, and supports India’s “Blue Economy”. 
  • The plan outlines more than 300 initiatives for enhancing ports, and also focuses on:
    • Enhancing operational efficiency
    • Developing state-of-the-art infrastructure
    • Boosting cruise tourism
    • Increasing usage of renewable energy
    • Reducing air emissions
    • Optimizing water usage
    • Improving solid waste management
    • Zero accident safety program
    • Centralized monitoring system 
  • It also focuses on shipping-related initiatives, which include growing sectors related to ship building, recycling, and repair. The plan also targets 2 million direct and indirect jobs by 2030.