Neelakurinji Flowers

Neelakurinji Flowers


  • Visitors are arriving in large numbers to witness the blooming of neelakurinji flowers in the state of Kerala.

Where is it found?

  • Kallippara hills at Santhanpara in Idukki, Kerala.
  • The team comprising E. Kunjikrishnan and Jomy Augustine, a neelakurinji expert, recently identified the plant kinds.
  • They claim that the flowers that are on bloom now belong to the Strobilanthes kunthiana variety.
  • Strobilanthes anamallaica, Strobilanthes heyneanus, Strobilanthes pulnyensis, and Strobilanthes neoasper are among the varieties of neelakurinji flowers that have been identified from the hill ranges in addition to Strobilanthes kunthiana.
  • These neelakurinji species, which cover over 200 acres of the Kallippara hills, are entirely indigenous to the Western Ghats.
  • In fact, after the protected regions of Munnar, the neelakurinji population here can be regarded as one of the largest of the species.
  • On the slopes, a wide range of therapeutic plants have also been seen.
  • The gregarious blossoming (large flowering at once) type is shown by the bloom that was observed at Kallippara.
Need for its Conservation:
  • In the Western Ghats especially from Mangaladevi ranges to Coorg in Karnataka experts have identified nearly 100 populations of the Strobilanthes kunthiana variety.
  • It is also found that isolated flowerings are being reported from other areas as well in the close by regions.
  • This has been reported in Eravikulam National Park, the biggest sanctuary of neelakurinji flowers and Bhadrakali Shola at Puthumala.


          Source The Hindu