PIB Analysis New Treatment For India Red Scorpion Sting

New Treatment for Indian Red Scorpion Sting


Novel therapeutic formulation developed for improved treatment of Indian red scorpion sting.


GS-03 (Science and technology)

Therapeutic Drug Formulation (TDF):

  • The innovative TDF combines small doses of commercial equine anti-scorpion antivenom (ASA), α1-adrenoreceptor agonist (AAAs), and vitamin C.
  • This formulation targets the toxicity of the venom and associated symptoms, ultimately improving the management of patients affected by scorpion stings.

The Indian Red Scorpion:

  • The Indian red scorpion, scientifically referred to as Mesobuthus tamulus, represents one of the most perilous scorpions globally, notorious for its life-threatening sting.
  • Its venom contains neurotoxins, which mainly affects the nervous system which is extremely dangerous and potentially lethal.

Current Treatment Challenges and TDF Development:

  • Existing treatment for scorpion stings involves the intravenous administration of equine anti-scorpion antivenom (ASA), tailored to counteract the venom from M. tamulus (MTV).
  • The limited presence of venom-specific antibodies complicates effective treatment. This scarcity often necessitates high amounts of antivenom, leading to adverse serum reactions in patients.
  • A team of scientists from the Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Technology (IASST), an independent institute of the Department of Science and Technology, along with researchers from Tezpur University and NIELIT, Guwahati, cooperatively developed the new TDF.