The Union Minister has recently launched the NIRMAN Portal.


GS-2 (Government Schemes)

Overview of the NIRMAN Portal:

  • NIRMAN, or “Noble Initiative for Rewarding Mains Aspirants of National Civil Services Examination (NIRMAN),” is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) scheme initiated by Coal India Limited (CIL).
  • This scheme targets meritorious youth from the operating districts of CIL who have cleared the Preliminary round of the UPSC examination (Civil Services & Forest Service) in 2024.

Key Features of the NIRMAN Scheme:

  • Objective: The scheme aims to provide financial support to deserving candidates who have successfully cleared the UPSC Preliminary examination.
  • Eligibility:
    • Income Criteria: Candidates must have an annual family income of less than ₹8 lakhs.
    • Categories: The scheme is specifically for candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), female candidates, and third-gender candidates.
    • Residency: Applicants must be permanent residents of one of the 39 operational districts of Coal India Limited.
  • Financial Support: The scheme offers a financial assistance of ₹1,00,000/- to each eligible candidate.

Application Process:

  • Dedicated Portal: The entire application process is conducted through a dedicated portal to ensure full transparency and seamless screening of applications.
  • Transparency: The portal facilitates a transparent application and selection process, ensuring that only the deserving candidates receive the benefits.


  • The NIRMAN Portal is a significant step towards encouraging and supporting underprivileged and meritorious candidates from specific districts, helping them to pursue their aspirations in the civil services.
  • This initiative not only promotes educational equity but also aligns with the broader objectives of CSR, fostering community development and empowerment.