Nobel Peace Prize 2023 goes to jailed Iranian activist Narges Mohammadi

Nobel Peace Prize 2023 goes to jailed Iranian activist Narges Mohammadi


Narges Mohammadi, an imprisoned Iranian feminist, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday in appreciation of her continuous campaigning for women’s rights, democracy, and the abolition of the death sentence.

What is the Nobel Prize?

  • The Nobel Prize is an international award given to individuals and organizations for their contributions to humanity. The Nobel Prize is administered by the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm, Sweden, and is founded on the fortune of Swedish inventor and entrepreneur Alfred Nobel. 
  • The Nobel Prize is awarded annually in the following fields: Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, and Peace. 
  • The Nobel Peace Prize is given to the person who has done the most to promote international relationships and abolish or reduce standing armies.
  • Narges Mohammadi was given the Nobel Peace Prize in 2023 for her efforts to end women’s persecution in Iran and to promote human rights and freedom for all. 

Why was Narges Mohammadi given the Nobel Prize in 2023?

  •  The reasons for the Nobel Peace Prize: Narges Mohammadi received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2023 for her unwavering support for women’s rights, democracy, and her opposition to the death penalty in Iran. Her dedication to these causes, despite many arrests and imprisonment, was a major reason for the prize.
  • Despite Obstacles, Activism Continues: Despite being arrested multiple times by Iranian authorities and spending several years in prison, Narges Mohammadi persisted in her activity. She remained a prominent presence in the nationwide women-led protests that gained traction following the death of a 22-year-old woman in police custody.
  • Recognizing a Larger Movement: The Nobel Committee stated that Narges Mohammadi’s award was given not only for her accomplishments but also as an acknowledgement of the more significant Iranian reform movement. She was regarded as the movement’s unquestioned leader.
  • Encouragement for the Movement: The Nobel Committee hoped that the prize would encourage the movement to continue its efforts, underlining that it should take any form it considers appropriate to bring about change in Iran.


In conclusion, Narges Mohammadi’s Nobel Peace Prize nomination is a symbol of support for the greater campaign for change in Iran, notably in the context of women’s rights, democracy, and opposition to the death sentence. Despite the hardships she has endured, her perseverance and hope for a better future in Iran are clear.