Now, drones monitor the progress and quality of assets produced at MGNREGS worksites


Drones will be pressed into service by the Union Ministry of Rural Development to increase its monitoring of construction sites under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS), which aims to guarantee rural employment.

Introduction of Drones for Monitoring:

  • The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) worksite surveillance and monitoring have been improved with the deployment of drones, according to India’s Union Ministry of Rural Development.

Four Monitoring Functions:

  • Drones will be used in the monitoring process for four primary purposes:
  • Surveying Active Projects: Drones will be used to keep an eye on and record the development of Active Projects supported by MGNREGS.
  • Drones will be used to inspect finished projects and confirm their quality and state of completion. This is part of the concept.
  • Impact Evaluation: Drones will be used to help evaluate the success and impact of the projects on the ground.
  • Special Inspection for Complaints: Drones will be used to undertake special inspections in cases of reported complaints or suspicions of corruption to gather evidence in real-time.

Addressing Concerns About Corruption and Misuse in MGNREGS:

  • Concerns about fraud, misappropriation of funds, and unapproved operations in MGNREGS projects led to the decision to utilize drones.
  • Drones are anticipated to offer a tool for in-the-moment observation and evidence gathering, helping to resolve complaints about the use of machines in place of employees, receiving pay without performing actual jobs, and working on projects that are not permitted under the plan.

Role Of Ombudsperson and how drones are going to help in eradicating corruption?

  • The role of the ombudsperson is to handle complaints and concerns about MGNREGS projects. Each district will have one.
  • Drones will be used by the ombudsperson for monitoring and verification, enabling effective oversight and complaint relief.

Provision of Drone Facilities:

  • The Ministry has instructed State governments to give the ombudspersons in their districts access to drone technology.
  • The Union government has not, however, set aside any more cash for this purpose.
  • The administrative head of the MGNREGA budget, which normally accounts for 10% of the State’s budget, must be used to allocate the appropriate money, according to state government expectations.

Engagement of Specialized Agencies: 

  • State governments have been encouraged to hire specialized organizations that concentrate on drone technology instead of purchasing drones for surveillance needs.
  • These organizations will control the drones’ use and deployment in compliance with the specifications for monitoring.


A deliberate attempt by the Union Ministry of Rural Development to increase openness, prevent corruption, and guarantee the quality and efficacy of rural employment-generating efforts can be seen in the adoption of drones in MGNREGS project monitoring.