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Online IAS Coaching in Bangalore

Welcome to Believers IAS Academy, where your UPSC adventure starts with a dedication to success. Our online coaching platform stands out in the evolving field of civil services preparation, offering aspirants a flexible and complete approach to success in the UPSC Civil Services Examination. Finding the best online coaching for IAS is critical for comprehensive preparation, taking into account criteria such as qualified educators, up-to-date study materials, and effective assessment systems.

Online UPSC coaching allows you to access study materials, courses, and examinations whenever and wherever you want, removing geographical constraints. Many aspirants prefer online UPSC coaching since it allows them to access study materials and lectures from any location with an internet connection. Whether you’re a working professional or a student, our App lets you establish a unique study schedule that balances your preparation with other responsibilities.


What does our program consist of?


  • Foundation Program: Establish a solid knowledge platform for success with the Foundation Program. The Foundation programs are made up of NCERts and weekly tests based on the NCERTs. Once the foundation is established, we proceed to the standard reference books.
  • Preliminaries and Mains Integrated Courses: Prepare for both stages of the UPSC test strategically. This would be a comprehensive course in which students will be coached to pass two portions of the UPSC examinations (Prelims and Mains). The emphasis will be on the weekly test series and bi-weekly answer writing, followed by the mentorship to focus on the mistakes that occurred.
  • Optional Subject Coaching: The UPSC CSE exam includes optional subjects. A high mark on the optional papers increases your chances of being chosen greatly. The extra subject raises the cut-off score for the Main Exam. With customized coaching programs, you may master your selected optional subjects.
  • Interview Preparation: Receive help for the UPSC examination’s key interview segment. Lets students gain a sense of the interview board and helps them improve their presentation skills. Furthermore, our interview panelist is well-trained and knowledgeable on current events and UPSC exam-related trends.


What are the Batch details?


Monday to Friday    : 7:00 AM to 10 AM

5:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Saturday & Sunday : 10 AM to 5 PM

What benefits of  Believers IAS Academy’s Online UPSC Coaching?

  • Comprehensive Study Materials:
    • Gain access to a vast library of study materials, including video lectures, e-books, and PDF notes covering the whole UPSC syllabus.
    • Our resources are continuously updated to reflect the most recent exam pattern and curriculum revisions.
    • The study materials will be provided as soon as the topics of the section are over. The PDF files will be sent through Email or WhatsApp as per the requirement of the student.
  • Interactive Learning Experience:
    • Engage in live classes and problem-solving sessions to promote an engaging learning environment.
    • Participate actively in discussions with educators to better comprehend complex topics.
    • While the classes are being conducted, the students have the option to ask doubts and get those doubts cleared.
  • Mock Tests and Effective Assessment:
    • Regular mock tests and assessments that simulate the genuine UPSC CSE atmosphere will help you track your progress.
    • Identify your skills and shortcomings so that you can make targeted adjustments to your preparation.
    • These tests are also made weekly and there will be a compilation of all the tests that have happened and will be taken on another. This helps cover the portions in a structured way.
  • Mentorships
    • Mentorships will be done online by experienced faculty based on the results of the test.
    • These faculties will correct your writing, identify errors, and clarify any confusion.
    • The mentorships are given for both Mains and Prelims thereby covering the Knowledge base from the scratch
  • Personalized Learning Strategies:
    • Get individualized study strategies based on your skills, weaknesses, and learning style.
    • With a plan adapted to your requirements, you can ensure effective and targeted preparation.
    • To guarantee that all topics are covered before the tests, a targeted schedule checklist is established.


  • Revision Access to Recorded Lectures:
    • For revision and review, you can access recorded video lectures and study resources.
    • When reviewing the recorded lectures, students can ask any questions they have, and experienced faculty members are available to answer them at any time.
    • For full preparation, reinforce your comprehension of themes and revisit specific areas as appropriate.


Believers IAS Academy is a shining example of excellence in the field of online UPSC coaching. With a mission to give the best online IAS coaching, our programs not only embrace the flexibility of virtual learning but also succeed in being the best online IAS coaching institute in Bangalore. Aspirants can access top-tier study resources, interact with knowledgeable faculty members, and benefit from individualized learning strategies regardless of their geographical location. Enroll in Believers IAS Academy, where the fusion of educational excellence and technological convenience propels you to succeed in the UPSC Civil Services Examination.