Operation Dhvast


Three people have been detained by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in connection with the searches that were carried out on Wednesday as part of a nationwide operation in cases involving terrorist-gangster-drug smuggler networks known as “Operation Dhvast.”

Points to Ponder:

  • Operation Dhvast: To take on a network of terrorists, criminals, and drug smugglers, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) carried out a significant operation known as “Operation Dhvast.” Coordinated raids were conducted at 324 locations in 8 different Indian states as part of the operation.
  • Locations of Arrests: As part of the operation, the NIA detained three people concerning the cases. Parveen Wadhwa from Bhiwani in Haryana, Irfan from New Seelampur in Delhi, and Jassa Singh from Moga in Punjab are the people who have been detained.
  • Connection: Lawrence Bishnoi and Parveen Wadhwa were both discovered to have communicated with each other when Lawrence Wadhwa, also known as Prince, was incarcerated. For Lawrence Bishnoi and his gang, he served as a special messenger.
  • Irfan’s Role: During the raids, Irfan’s home was searched because he had ties to notorious gangsters. His home was raided by the NIA for weapons. Investigations uncovered his collaboration with mobster Kaushal Choudhary and his cohorts in a terror plot.
  • Role of Jassa Singh: Jassa Singh, a native of Moga, was carrying out the ‘listed terrorist’ Arsh Dhalla’s orders. He had provided a gun on Arsh Dhalla’s orders and was a participant in the Khalistan terror plot.
  • Investigations’ nature: Since August 2022, the NIA has looked into three instances. These incidents involve extortion, funding of anti-Khalistan terrorist organisations, and targeted assassinations.
  • Raids and Locations: Eight states and UTs, including Punjab, Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Chandigarh, and Madhya Pradesh, participated in the nationwide raids. 129 premises were raided by the NIA, while 143 and 52 locations were searched by the Punjab Police and the Haryana Police, respectively.
  • Focus on Terror Networks: The NIA’s investigations have shown that the plots were being planned in jails throughout several states and were being carried out by a structured network of agents headquartered abroad. This emphasises the necessity of going after terror networks, as well as their finance and infrastructure.
  • Crimes and Importance: The crimes being looked at as part of “Operation Dhvast” are tied to high-profile instances, including the murders of international Kabaddi player Sandeep Nangal Ambia and Maharashtra builder Sanjay Biyani in Punjab last year. These incidents serve as a reminder of how serious the offences that the operation is focusing on are.