Operation Sajag

Operation Sajag


Operation Sajag, a vital coastal security drill conducted by the Indian Coast Guard carried out along the Western Coast, plays a critical role in ensuring the safety of our coastal regions and raising awareness among those who depend on the sea for their livelihood.


GS-03 (Security)

Operation Sajag:

  • It is a recurring coastal security drill orchestrated by the Indian Coast Guard.
  • Aim: To ensure the resilience of our coastal security apparatus and to foster awareness among those who navigate these waters.
  • Objective: To verify the effectiveness of the diverse coastal security measures that have been put in place that involves a meticulous assessment of security protocols and practices, highlighting areas of strength and identifying opportunities for improvement.
  • It is conducted along the Western Coast, encompassing a vast expanse of our coastline.
  • Operation Sajag is a monthly commitment. Each month, for a full day, coastal security stakeholders come together to participate in this comprehensive drill.
  • It is a collaborative endeavor with stakeholders including the Indian Coast Guard, Customs, Marine Police, Ports, and the Indian Navy

Strengthening Coastal Security: Measures Implemented

  • Issuance of biometric cards for fishermen that serve as a means of identification, enhancing the traceability of individuals engaged in fishing activities.
  • For easier identification, fishing boats are color-coded based on the state they originate from. This helps streamlining and monitoring the maritime traffic.
  • Ensuring the presence of a staff at fish landing centers contributes to better surveillance and oversight.
  • Installation of Access control mechanisms at entry and exit checkpoints that are instrumental in managing the flow of maritime traffic.
  • The meticulous mapping of coastal regions aids in navigation and enhances situational awareness. It allows security agencies to have a comprehensive view of the coastal landscape.
  • Specific marine band frequencies have been designated for use by security agencies which ensures clear and secure communication channels, facilitating swift responses to security-related incidents.
  • The Indian Coast Guard plays a pivotal role in training marine police. This training equips them with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively carry out their duties in safeguarding our coastal regions.