Original Sin- Israel & Palestine issue

Original Sin-  Israel & Palestine issue


The recent attack by Hamas on Israel has brought into sharp focus the precarious situation prevailing in the occupied Palestinian territories. This incident, characterized by its unexpected nature and the loss of numerous lives, underscores the fragile nature of conflicts involving non-state actors like Hamas and the pressing need to address the prolonged Israeli occupation.


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Geography of Israel & Palestine, Arab Israel war of 1948, Abraham Accord, Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa Mosque

Mains Question:

In light of the recent Hamas attack on Israel and the persistent Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, critically assess the repercussions of this event for regional stability and its broader implications. (150 words)

Dimensions of the Article:

  • Unpredictable Violence and Its Aftermath
  • Escalation of Tensions in the West Bank
  • Perpetual Israeli Occupation
  • Ethical Dilemma Surrounding Indiscriminate Violence
  • Imperative for Resolution of the Palestinian Issue
  • Substance Over Superficial Interventions

Unpredictable Violence and Its Aftermath:

  • The surprise attack launched by Hamas, resulting in a significant loss of life, has thrust into the spotlight the unpredictable nature of conflicts in the occupied Palestinian territories.
  • This incident serves as a stark reminder of the perils associated with non-state actors, even when confronted by a formidable military and intelligence apparatus.

Escalation of Tensions in the West Bank:

  • Preceding the Hamas attack, the West Bank had been grappling with escalating tensions and violence. Over the past year, a considerable number of casualties were recorded on both sides, indicating a deteriorating situation.
  • Surprisingly, the Israeli government appeared to downplay these issues, prioritizing its own policy objectives.

Perpetual Israeli Occupation:

  • The long-standing Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories remains at the core of this conflict. Israel’s continuous expansion of settlements in the West Bank, along with the erection of security barriers and checkpoints, has significantly curtailed the movement of Palestinians and has often resulted in the use of force.
  • This prevailing status quo has contributed to the radicalization of Palestinians and the strengthening of Hamas.

Ethical Dilemma Surrounding Indiscriminate Violence:

  • Hamas’s deployment of indiscriminate violence against Israeli civilians has ignited ethical debates. Such tactics not only fail to advance the Palestinian cause but also expose Palestinian lives to heightened risks, given Israel’s propensity to respond forcefully.
  • The situation becomes increasingly intricate as civilian casualties mount on both sides.

Imperative for Resolution of the Palestinian Issue:

  • The enduring Israeli occupation of Palestine remains a critical issue that has frequently been sidelined amidst shifting geopolitical dynamics in the region.
  • While the Middle East has witnessed notable developments such as the Israel-Arab reconciliation and the Iran-Saudi détente, the fundamental problem of Palestinian occupation continues to fester.
  • Effectively addressing this issue is paramount for establishing lasting peace and stability in the region.

Substance Over Superficial Interventions:

  • It is imperative to recognize that military operations alone cannot redress the root causes of this protracted conflict. Previous endeavors, including ground incursions and aerial bombardments, have failed to weaken Hamas.
  • While the geopolitical landscape of the region has evolved, the occupation of Palestine, often referred to as the “original sin” of the region, remains unresolved. It is imperative to transition from superficial interventions to comprehensive efforts aimed at resolving the underlying issue.

Way Forward:

– Prioritize diplomatic initiatives that focus on addressing the fundamental issue of Palestinian occupation, involving regional and international stakeholders.

– Foster constructive dialogue and negotiations between Israel and Palestinian representatives to identify a mutually acceptable resolution.

– Promote economic development and humanitarian assistance to alleviate the plight of Palestinians residing in challenging circumstances.


The recent attack by Hamas on Israel underscores the persisting conflicts in the Middle East. While condemning acts of violence is essential, genuine progress toward peace can only be achieved by addressing the fundamental issue of Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories. A comprehensive and diplomatic approach is indispensable for paving the way toward a more stable and harmonious region.